Paradoxes of War
Princeton University • June 1st  

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps
University of London • June 14th



Advanced Competitive Strategy  
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich  • June 14th

Developing Data Products  
Johns Hopkins University • June 14th

Understanding Research Methods
University of London • June 2nd

An Introduction to Global Health
University of Copenhagen • June 2nd

The Olympic Games and the Media
Autonomous University of Barcelona  • June 2nd


Organic Solar Cells- Theory and Practice
Technical University of Denmark • June 2nd


Evolution: A Course for Educators
American Museum of Natural History • June 2nd

Practical Machine Learning
Johns Hopkins University • June 2nd


Animal Behavior
The University of Melbourne • June 2nd
Data Science
Johns Hopkins University • June 2nd


Principles of Computing
Rice University • June 9th


Programming Cloud Services for Android handheld Systems
Vanderbilt University • June 15th

Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health
University of Pittsburgh • June 16th

Global Health and Humanitarianism
University of Manchester • June 16th


The Meat We Eat
University of Florida • June 23rd

The Addicted Brain
Emory University • June 23rd



Assessment and teaching of 21st Century Skills
University of Melbourne • June 30th
Algorithms - Design and Analysis, Part 2
Stanford University • June 30th


Foundations of Virtual Instruction
University of California, Irvin • June 30th



Fundamentals of Music Theory
The University of Edinburgh • July 14th

Animal Behavior and Welfare
The University of Edinburgh • July

The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People
University of Edinburgh • July

Learning to Teach Online
The University of New South Wales • July 



Preparation for General Chemistry
Rutgers University • July 7th


Art & Activity - Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art
The Museum of Modern Art • July 7th


The French Revolution
the University of Melbourne • July 7th
Social Psychology
Wesleyan University  • July 14th



The American Disease: Drugs, and Drug Control in the USA
University of Florida • July 14th

Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within
The University of Melbourne • July 21st

Cryptography II
Stanford University • July 21st

Introduction to Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions
Higher School of Economics
 • June

The Horse Course: introduction to basic care and management
University of Florida • May 27th